Central Hudson Gas & Electric Hacked, 110,000 Customers Affected

There's no evidence to suggest that the hackers have downloaded any information

New York-based Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation is alerting customers that their information might have been compromised over the past weekend when a cybersecurity incident was detected within their computer networks. 

The company’s representatives have stated that there’s no evidence to suggest that the hackers have downloaded or misused information.

However, they advise customers to keep a close eye on their credit reports and bank accounts for any suspicious activity.

In an initial statement, the company didn’t reveal the number of potentially affected customers, but in a second statement published on the organization’s website, Central Hudson Gas & Electric President James Laurito explained that one third of the customer database was affected by the breach.

“The approximately 110,000 customers whose account information was potentially affected will receive from us via U.S. mail an offer of a full year of complimentary credit monitoring as a precaution,” Laurito said.

The company is running its own investigation, but law enforcement has also been called in to identify the perpetrators.

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