“Centipede Cinema” Is Made from Locally-Sourced Cork

People simply stick their head through a nozzle, stand up straight and enjoy the movie

The city of Guimarães in Portugal is now home to a so-called “Centipede Cinema,” which serves two purposes.

It allows people to take a break from their daily routine and enjoy a 20-minute-long movie, and it proves that the movie industry can do without massive halls and ginormous screens.

The idea is quite simple: a reasonably-sized “box” is covered in dark cork on the inside, and regular cork on the outside. Just for the record, all of the cork used for this cinema is locally sourced.

Later on, nozzles are added at the bottom of the “box,” and those wishing to enjoy a movie need only stick their heads through them, Inhabitat explains.

It may very well be that there are few who could watch the entire LOTR in this manner, yet it is also true that this innovative centipede cinema serves its purpose of showing that new cultural programs need not necessarily be expensive or harmful to the environment.

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