Cell Phone Crashing Prank Clip Goes Viral

A prankster stands close to random strangers in a park and ruins their conversations

Mediocre Films' Greg Benson's performance is hilarious as he tries to ruin people's phone conversations, in this viral clip.

Cell Phone Crashing 2 gained a lot of momentum over the weekend, getting a total of almost 1 million views.

The premise for the video is quite simple – a prankster stands extremely close to random strangers in a park, listening in on their phone conversations.

He approaches them and acts like he is speaking on his cellphone himself, by replying to what they are saying to the person on the line.

Some of his “victims” get very confused in the midst of it all, while others catch on pretty fast and are just bemused and a little annoyed.

Benson uses a wireless lavaliere mic to capture the audio of his clips, in very good quality.

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