Celine Dion Talks Twins: I’m a Hands-On Mom, Wouldn’t Have It Otherwise

Singer Celine Dion gave birth to twins Nelson and Eddy in October last year – and she’s been busy ever since taking good care of them, she says in a brand new interview. She’s a hands-on mom and wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Celine sat down just recently with Gala magazine (quotes via People), to speak of life at home with her recently expanded family, how she’s coping with it and whether she sees herself apart from the boys anytime soon.

Later this month, Celine will start some light rehearsals for her shows in Las Vegas, but she’s not yet ready to leave the twins and go back to work, regardless of how tired she may be from being an around the clock mother.

She doesn’t have a nanny, which explains why she speaks of the experience as a very tiring one. The only help around the house Celine gets is from her mother and sister.

But they only take care of chores around the house, like various types of housework, grocery shopping and so forth. It’s her who’s in charge of the babies, Celine underlines.

“I didn’t have these children to not take care of them, to give myself to them 200 – 300 percent,” she says. As such, she’s doing precisely that, giving them all of her time and energy.

“I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and that’s something where no one can take my place. It’s tiring but an intense joy,” Celine explains.

“I take things day by day. That’s the secret to me. In any case, breastfeeding is more difficult if you are stressed. Sometimes I find myself in comical situations I don’t know how to get myself out of,” the singer further says.

As for leaving them already to go back to work, that’s not even something she’d consider at this point. All Celine wants to do right now is spend time with her family and focus solely on that.

“In reality, I’ve had almost no time getting a shower and feeding myself. My preoccupation has been eating sensibly. My only worry has been to be able to open and close [my tops] quickly for breastfeeding. It’s been out of the question to even wear a blouse!” she laughs.

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