Celeron and Pentium CPUs Based on Atom Architecture Inbound

The company is dragging the brand back to the wider market

For some time, the Atom line of CPUs from Intel has been restricted to the low-end laptop, NAS industry and tablet segment.

Now, though, the Santa Clara, California-based company wants to bring Atom back to the desktop market.

It is so determined, in fact, that it is even willing to mask the brand with another, or another two.

Which is to say, Intel will re-brand Atom CPUs as Celeron and Pentium.

According to PCWorld, the Bay Trail-D Atom platform will be sold under the Celeron name, while the Bay Trail-M will show up as Pentium. Although there may be some desktop models under Pentium and some laptop chips under Celeron too.

Intel may or may not formally launch the chips at Computex Taipei (June 4-8, 2013). We'll have to wait and see.

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