Celeron 1019Y, Intel's New ULV Ivy Bridge CPU

It is the fifth ultra-low voltage CPU, with a TDP of 13W

Intel could have made a big announcement about its newest central processing unit, but instead, it quietly introduced it into the market.

Not surprising, knowing that few would have batted an eyelash at seeing yet another Ivy Bridge CPU, even a ULV one, when Haswell is all everyone can think about.

In any case, the new CPU from Intel is called Celeron 1019Y and is the fifth ULV Ivy Bridge unit in its collection.

ULV means ultra-low voltage and is a suffix more than justified by the TDP (thermal design power) of 10W (ULV only goes on 13W or less).

Sadly, the low power necessitated a low performance, hence the 1 GHz clock speed and Integrated GPU of 350 MHz.

Other specs include 2 MB L3 cache, Virtualization support, but no Turbo Boost or Hyper-Threading.

According to CPU World, Celeron 1019Y can work at 7W, though at a lower performance. It has a price of $153 / 117-153 Euro.

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