Celebrity Hoax: Adam Sandler Has Died

Social media websites are flooded with the false rumor

Pranksters are once again trying to cause panic among the fans of a Hollywood celebrity. They’ve flooded social media networks with messages which claim that Adam Sandler has died.

“Actually crying right now about how Adam Sandler died,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another one wrote, “Rip Adam Sandler. The movie industry will never be the same.”

On Facebook, a number of RIP Adam Sandler pages and groups have been created.

As Hoax Slayer highlights, Adam Sandler is not dead. He is just another victim of pranksters who have nothing better to do than to falsely declare celebrities dead.

However, the tweets posted on this topic and Facebook pages created to “commemorate” the star can at any time be utilized by cybercriminals for their malicious operations.

For instance, a simple link added to the end of the tweet could lure users to a malicious website that serves malware, or advertises all sorts of shady products.

Facebook pages are just as dangerous, since they could be cleverly set up to trick internauts into installing rogue browser plugins of malware-containing Flash Player updates. Also, they could be part of a survey scheme that asks users for personal information.

I advise you to be careful when presented with such rumors. Check out the legitimacy of a story from trustworthy sources before spamming social media networks.

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