Celebrities Ready Themselves for the Fifth Annual Fur Ball

This social event is intended to raise funds for the Kitten Rescue organization

This coming Sunday (the 7th of October 2012), quite a lot of celebrities will put on their fancy dresses or their tuxedos, grab on to their wallets and head towards the historic club Avalon in Los Angeles, where they will be attending the fifth annual Fur Ball fundraiser.

Judging merely by the name of this year's such gathering, “All In For Animals,” one can easily guess that those present at this club will spend their night gambling, and that all of the money made during this poker tournament and casino night will be directed towards animal rights and animal welfare.

More precisely, the green-oriented organization that stands to benefit from this Fur Ball is Kitten Rescue, which is a Los Angeles-based group highly committed to rescuing and then looking after the cats and the dogs found wondering the streets.

By taking these animals in, Kitten Rescue makes sure that they are not euthanized by authorities, and also provides them with the environmental conditions they need in order to lead a comfortable life.

Look to the Stars informs us that, besides the celebrity poker tournament, those attending this party will also be able to see if they can win some donated prizes at Blackjack, Roulette and Craps tables. As well as this, several items will be put up for a silent auction.

Seeing how the people attending this Fur Ball will also receive a gift bag containing various treats, we can only assume that partygoers will leave the historic club Avalon quite pleased with their lending a helping hand to animals and also being able to bring home some prizes.

Commenting on this event, Kitten Rescue's volunteer President, Ben Lehrer, explained how, “Our Fur Ball will be a great opportunity for people to come and have fun while supporting an extremely worthwhile cause.”

Furthermore, “We invite anyone who cares about the plight of homeless animals in our city to join us and help us make a difference.”

Some of the celebrities attending this event are Christa Campbell, Chris Massey, Jackson Galaxy, Jenifer Lewis and Sara Rue.

Tickets and more information concerning the event are available here.

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