Celebrities Promote Green Charitable Giving

Eco-friendly celebrities do their best to promote NRDC's green gifts that give back

Tony Shalhoub, the talented actor who succeeded in winning of 3 Emmy awards and a Golden Globe is playing the “the toughest role of his life,” an eco-friendly one, as part of an initiative launched by NRDC to promote original green gift ideas.

Nobody needs a butt-shaped coffee mug, yet Tony Shalhoub makes the best of his unappealing gift and manages to fake how he really feels about this kind of surprises.

Such shopping habits “threaten the future of our holidays and the future of our planets,” reveals Laurie Davie, keen on revealing another inconvenient truth. Brooke Adams, Kyra Sedgwick, Billie Joe&Adrienne (Greenday) are also eco-conscious celebrities who fight for the same cause.

NRDC encourages people to donate funds in the honor of their loved ones, instead of investing in useless Christmas gifts that are usually returned or end up in landfills.

Nowadays, people have much more interesting alternatives. So let's check out the original list of green options: for only 25$ (€18.9) we can adopt a Yellowstone wolf.

It costs us only 15$ (€11.3) to revive a rainforest and for a little more, up to 50$ (€37.9) we can contribute to the development of renewable sources of energy, promoting wind, wave and solar power.

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