Cee Lo Green Sued by Concert Promoter over Christmas Gig

His team promised he’d do at least 2 shows, never showed up to perform

Cee Lo Green and his management are being sued by concert promoter Cierra Management Group over a series of Christmas concerts that never took place but for which the singer reportedly cashed in a small fortune.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, it was Green’s people who first approached Cierra with a business proposition.

The lawsuit alleges that the intention may have been to scam them from the get-go.

The initial offer included 12 Christmas dates, with Cierra having to front $100,000 (€74,839) for each and every one of them, the celebrity publication reports.

Organizers had to pass on it because it was too much money but, to their surprise, Green’s people kept on sweetening the deal until they had no other option but to accept.

“Cee Lo's peeps went back and proposed to slash XMAS in half and do 6 days at $100k [€74,839] each, but it was still too rich for Cierra's blood. So, according to the lawsuit, Cierra was offered a bargain basement Yuletide proposition – 2 concerts for a total of $243,000 [€181,859] including expenses,” TMZ notes.

The offer was better than anything Cierra could have even dreamed of, so they said yes, fronting the cash to make the deal happen.

That was in November 2011 and Cierra is now saying the concerts never happened – because Cee Lo Green never had any intention of keeping his end of the bargain because the whole thing was just “a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest.”

“Cee Lo is not accused of being part of the conspiracy – although his people certainly are – but he's being sued for allegedly refusing to perform the 2 concerts,” TMZ says.

Cierra Management Group is seeking damages of $14.2 million (€10.6 million), the same media outlet informs.

As of now, Cee Lo Green is yet to address the claims made in the lawsuit in any way.

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