Cee Lo Green Is Now the Owner of a Fisker Karma

The plug-in hybrid luxury sports vehicle is gaining ever more popularity

Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio, celebrity Cee Lo Green has recently purchased a Fisker Karma, and is now a proud member of this green-oriented family.

The “official” announcement for this purchase was made by the Atlanta dealership for the Fisker Karma, whose tweet read as follows: “We would like to welcome @CeeLoGreen to our family of #FiskerKarma owners.”

Truth be told, this plug-in hybrid luxury sports vehicle looks impressive to say the least, and Cee Lo Green seems to us quite content to have opted for this green-oriented means to get around.

We can only hope that all the attention the Fisker Karma is getting now that Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and Cee Lo Green all drive one will help raise more awareness with respect to environmental protection.

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