CeBIT 2013: New SSDs Launched by Plextor

They are made with TLC NAND and have up to 768 MB of DDR3 DRAM cache

As one of the companies that attend CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, Plextor has put on display a number of solid state drives.

According to Guru3D, there are three SSDs at Plextor's booth.

All of them are made from TLC (triple-level cell) NAND Flash memory chips and have DDR3 DRAM cache memory.

The 128 GB drive has 256 MB DDR3, the 256 GB unit has 512 MB and the 512 GB variant has 768 MB.

All the SSDs have the 2.5-inch form factor and use Marvell 88SS9189 processors. They achieve read and write speeds of 530/380 MB/s, 540/450 MB/s and 540/465 MB/s, respectively.

Sales will only begin in August this year (2013) and we don't know the prices.

For anyone interested, the random 4K write performance is of up to 72,000 IOPS, while the read speed is 80,000.

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