CeBIT 2013: Cooler Master TPC 612 and V8 GTS CPU Coolers

The company also has some case fans on display as well

Having already checked out the 80 Plus Gold V-Series PSUs, we can now look at the other products that Cooler Master brought to CeBIT 2013, the trade show taking place in Hannover, Germany.

Of the three products, the JetFlo 120 case fan is the most straightforward, with a diameter of 120 mm (as one might have guessed from the name) and PWM speed control.

To be specific, the rotary speed can go from 800 RPM (rotations per minute) to 2,000 RPM, allowing for an air flow of 85 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The V8 GTS CPU cooler, the second product being showcased there, is the latest high-end CPU cooling module.

It has three independent aluminum fin stacks, two 140 mm fans, and six 6 mm nickel-plated copper heatpipes (the number isn't really clear here).

Cooler Master thinks the V8 GTS should be strong enough to take on closed-loop liquid coolers, not just other high-end air coolers.

That said, the product weighs 1,140 grams / 2.51 pounds, measures 154 x 149 x 160 mm (6.06 x 5.86 x 6.29 inches).

As for its fan, it can spin at 600 to 1,600 RPM, leading to an air flow of 28 to 82 CFM.

That leaves us with the TPC 612, which seems to be a high-end product, though not to the same extent as the V8 GTS.

It measures 145 x 97 x 161.6 mm (5.70 x 3.81 x 6.32 inches), weighs 640 grams (1.41 pounds) and has a single 120 mm fan with a rotary speed of 600 to 2,000 RPM. The air flow is of 24.9 to 82.9 CFM. All modern CPU socket types are compatible. A vapor-chamber tube provides more efficient heat transfer.

Guru3D reported straight from CeBit 2013 but did not have any pricing or availability info, sadly.


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