Cave Men Were Addicted to Large, Proeminent Breasts and Buttocks

They ignored the faces of their females ...

Maybe many men are crazy about Marie Kate Olsen or Kate Moss.

Moreover, most female stars display (or try to) a minute tushy, well, with few exceptions, as in the case of J-Lo. However, it seems that small buttocks and slender waist are very much a recent trend.

For a long time now, European archaeologists have been discovering a lot of prehistoric carvings depicting women, some older than 23,000 years. All these carvings represented women with 'voluptuous' breasts and 'prominent' bottoms, and researchers believed that the Stone Age men just exaggerated these traits as they regarded these parts of the female anatomy as signs of fertility and the carvings depicted fertility goddesses (that's why most of them were named Venus, after the Roman goddess of love).

Maybe the most famous amongst these carvings are Venus of Willendorf, carved from limestone, found in 1908 in Austria, and dated 22,000-24,000 years old and Venus of Lespugue, 25,000 years old, found in French Pyrenees and carved from mammoth tusks.

But a recent archaeological discovery in central Poland comes to support what many researchers supposed for long: these models in fact depict the tastes from Stone Age, which were indeed far from size zero!...

The freshly found ancient carvings depicting the female shape 15,000 years ago (during the Magdalenian era) show that prehistoric women were revered for their curvaceous bodies and prominent buttocks.

The researchers points out that carvings show how curvy bottoms depicted the porn star of the Stone Age Europe.

Men looking for a partner ignored skinnier women and competed fiercely for females with the shapeliest behinds. The experts think that the well-presented bottom signaled wealth, health and a good diet.

The large buttocks betrayed a possible successful mother, able to deliver many children and flashed a message to other men that her partner was a strong and successful hunter, traits that could have brought him even more females.

About 30 figurines were discovered during the digging and archaeologists believe they belonged to the traveling hunters as jewelry and decorative beauty to admire while they were far away from his beloved in hunting sessions.

The flat carvings were made from flint, bone, ivory and tooth, depicting the profile of women lacking their heads, thus the cavemen were more turned on by the body shape of their women than by how they looked/fashioned.

The same happens with Venus of Willendorf and Venus of Lespugue: they have no faces! "The engravings and figurines adhere to a style depicting feminine silhouettes with over represented buttocks", said Romuald Schild, of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The archaeological site delivered 10,000 archaeological finds since 1993, and it was probably an area where hunters gathered to relax and swap stories. At the same site, the researchers found bones of woolly rhinoceros, horse and Arctic fox. Animal teeth and tusks were employed by these people in making jewelry and figurines, who proved that back then, just like now, men only think about one thing: women ...


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