Catherine Zeta Jones Loses a Lot of Weight

As reports start to pick up that work is taking a toll on her health

Catherine Zeta Jones has never been what one may call a “large” woman, even though she too oscillated in weight because she gained many pounds when pregnant. In recent weeks, the star appeared to have lost a lot of weight, which, in turn, has prompted speculation that work might be taking a toll on her health, as the Daily Mail puts it.

Jones has always been very outspoken as regards the size-0 trend with young and even older actresses, saying at one point that she couldn’t possibly understand why a young mother would want to starve herself just to get back her pre-pregnancy body in almost record time. Though she may still be eating healthily and working out, it would seem that Jones too is nearing a size 0, which could be explained by her hectic schedule, the Mail believes.

A recent appearance would seem to confirm that, as the star wore a bright fuchsia dress that drew attention to her frail legs and muscular arms. “She’s been juggling six months performing on Broadway with caring for her two children. So it was always going to be a struggle for Catherine Zeta-Jones to keep up her usual standards of style. Nevertheless, wearing a fluorescent fuchsia pink dress was only ever going to draw attention to her pale complexion and slender frame,” the aforementioned British publication writes.

“It added to fears that the Oscar winner’s demanding work and home life is taking its toll on her weight. The 40-year-old was photographed yesterday leaving the Manhattan apartment where she lives with husband Michael Douglas and their children Dylan, nine and Carys, seven. She has been performing eight shows a week of A Little Night Music in New York since previews opened in November, and still has seven weeks to go. The actress has often struggled to control her weight. She said she ‘ate for Wales’ when pregnant with Dylan as she reached 13st,” the same tab further explains.

Even if Catherine has lost some weight, it must be work that’s helping her shake the pounds and not an unhealthy lifestyle. As How Celebrities Lose Weight can also confirm, the star was very vocal in the past about how she felt about fad diets, including starving oneself. While she’s not really delicate because she’s broad in the shoulders, she would rather watch what she’s eating and abstain every once in a while instead of going on a fad diet, she said.

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