“Catfish” Star Sunny Cross Busted for DUI

Reality star plans to fight the charges because she’s innocent, more or less

Sunny Cross, whom reality television fans might recognize as the girl who starred in the first episode of MTV’s series “Catfish,” was arrested the other day for suspicion of driving under the influence, it has emerged.

The photo attached to this article was the mughshot snapped on the occasion, with TMZ providing more details about the incident.

“Cross was popped at 8:20 AM in Fayetteville, AR. According to the website for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Cross was popped for driving too close to another vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, and lastly... DWI,” the celebrity e-zine.

Cross posted $1,055 [€784.7] bond and was released at 9:39 AM. Oddly enough... at 8:39 AM she tweeted, ‘Last night was hilarious’,” the same media outlet reports.

TMZ tried to contact Cross for comment but they got no response.

However, after the arrest, Cross became very vocal on Twitter saying, among other things, that she’s only human too and, as such, prone to make an occasional mistake.

“made a bad choice but learned from it and moving on. First time I've even ever been pulled over for anything. I'm only human,” she writes.

“Mom treating me to a pedicure after a stressful day! My feet so need it after my ratchet night in good ole' jail! She's the best!” Cross adds.

In an update to the original story, TMZ writes that the reality star has plans to fight the DUI charges because she wasn’t really as drunk as police officers thought she was.

First of all, she’s reportedly telling friends, “she only blew a .08... the legal limit, by the way.”

Secondly, the only reason she failed the field sobriety test – and could not walk a straight line – was because she was wearing sky-high Louboutins which are notoriously hard to walk in.

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