Cate Blanchett Works Out but Doesn’t Enjoy It

Cate Blanchett doesn’t say much about herself in interviews, lest the magic of acting is lost on the viewer. The interview she gave to theTimes magazine just recently is no different – but she does reveal she works out a lot in it.

Blanchett, one of the most talented and beautiful women working in Hollywood right now, has often sidestepped the question of whether she does anything in particular to maintain her slender shape.

It’s a well known fact that most celebrities (especially female stars) put a lot of effort into looking good, from dieting to rigorous workouts and outlandish beauty treatments.

If she ever did any of these, Cate doesn’t say – but she does admit to Times that she too works out regularly now, even if she doesn’t really enjoy it.

“So, over soft-boiled eggs (Blanchett orders a side of spinach) the next day, I bring up the biceps issue and the more general one of her svelteness,” the Times editor Daphne Merkin writes.

Just like with anything else about her personal life, that too is something that Blanchett barely talks about.

“Blanchett doesn’t admit to dieting (wouldn’t it be nice if someone other than Carrie Fisher did?) but does avow how she doesn’t have a big sweet tooth,” Merkin says.

She exercises regularly, though.

“She also explains that she and her husband gave each other running shoes for Christmas and have renewed their commitment to exercise; Blanchett spends a half-hour on the elliptical trainer four days a week,” Merkin says of the actress’ workout routine.

Cate herself confirms this but is very honest about how she feels about working out, unlike other stars who profess they can’t live without it even when that’s not the case.

“I don’t enjoy it, but I certainly have more energy,” Cate says.

In the same interview, Blanchett speaks about her husband, her movie career and, when asked how fame has changed her, shows just how modest she is when she reveals that “People are always saying they loved me in ‘Titanic’.”

The full piece with Blanchett is here – it’s a wonderful read.

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