Cat Stuck Inside Washing Machine Survives 35-Minute Wash Cycle

Veterinarians had to treat it for hypothermia and shock

A pet cat named Natasha is now getting significant amounts of media attention, all thanks to its somehow managing to survive a 35-minute wash cycle.

This feline currently lives with her owner and his roommate, the latter being the one who accidentally made Natasha take a rather unexpected and quite long bath.

Thus, it seems that the cat jumped inside the washing machine while her owner's roommate was getting ready to do some laundry, and nobody noticed that she was trapped inside until the washing cycle was over.

Sources report that, after the ordeal was over, Natasha was rushed to a local veterinarian, where she received treatment for hypothermia and shock. Despite her now being up on her feet and in good health, it is highly unlikely that Natasha will ever wish to go near a washing machine again.

“Since I brought Natasha home as a newborn kitten, she had always been very curious about the washing machine. She would always take a peek inside, but I never thought she would jump in,” owner Daryl Humdy told members of the press.

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