Cat Spends 8 Days in a Tree Before Falling 80 Feet to the Ground

Despite these hardships, the kitten finds itself in nearly perfect shape and mood

Just before Christmas, a cat got stuck up in a tree and refused to collaborate with any of the firefighters who tried to rescue it.

On December 30, it was agreed upon that the only way to get the cat to come down on the ground was to chop off the branch on which it was sitting.

It is highly unlikely that what happened next was also part of the rescue plan, yet it seems that the kitten ended up falling over a distance of roughly 80 feet (about 24 meters).

Sources report that, as surprising as this might sound, the cat landed on its paws and made a quick getaway into a nearby bush.

The founder of a no-kill shelter, Pam Robinson, managed to find the cat and catch it on January 1, and had been looking after her ever since.

Following her adventures, the cat got a very suggestive name, i.e. “Fortune,” and Pam hopes that soon enough it will be adopted by a loving family.

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