Cat-Killer in Kansas Crushes the Skull of Eight Cats

The police are out looking for him, urge the public to provide any information they have

Throughout these past two weeks, eight cats showed up dead on the northern streets of Lawrence, Kansas. Interestingly enough, their bodies had no signs of external trauma.

After necropsies were carried out, police officers found that all of these cats had had their skull crushed, more likely as a result of somebody forcefully hitting them.

“We just got the results back that the animal had a fractured skull. Eight cats would not have been hit by cars in two weeks in the same neighborhood,” Police Chief John J. Romero said.

Furthermore, “As far as we can tell, these are not pets. Cats are not easy to corner. Somebody is out there looking for them, could be luring them with some food.”

Given the fact that such displays of violence can easily escalate and eventually lead to human victims, the police is now busy trying to figure out who might be responsible for the death of these animals, sources say.

Locals are asked to share whatever information they may have with the authorities.

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