Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend – What If Your Friends Acted like Pets

This video notes the behavioral differences between cats and dogs

A viral video which reinvents the cat-dog epic fight was long overdue, and Fat Awesome Films brings it to YouTube.

It became quite popular since it was uploaded a few days ago, already reaching over 360,000 views. The clip features a cat-friend and a dog-friend. The “dog” person is over-attached, always wants to spend time with the owner of the house, and you can never seem to get rid of him.

In contrast, the “cat” is aloof and detached, walks about as if he owns the place, and is often rude to guests. On the bright side, he doesn't sniff your bottom when you're not looking.

When a glass of milk is spilled, the dog will admit to it and got the extra mile to show remorse. Of course, it will most likely be the cat who did it, but it's not like he cares anyway.

The video is funny and brilliantly executed, but I do get the feeling a dog-person created it.

*User discretion is advised as the video contains imagery which can be found offensive.

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