Cat Dies After Someone Ties It to a Firework and Lights the Fuse

The explosion caused the animal to die immediately

This past Saturday, someone in Wellingborough, England decided that it might be quite funny to tie a cat to a firework, set the fuse on fire and then wait to see what would happen.

As was to be expected, the firework exploded and the force of the blast caused the distressed animal to die on the spot, before two eyewitnesses got a chance to rescue it.

Police officers are now trying to figure out who the culprits are and ask that anybody who might have some information concerning how this incident happened contact them immediately and share whatever information they possess.

“This is an unbelievably cruel act and we are very keen to hear from anybody who has any information which will lead to the identification of the perpetrators,” police officer Mark Jones told members of the press.

Furthermore, “Not only was it horrific for the poor animal involved, the witnesses and owners of the cat are understandably very distressed.”

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