Casper Smart Knew the Models He Was Texting Were Trans-Gender

But that's exactly the way he liked it, although he would not admit it

Jennifer Lopez might want to sever the umbilical cord connecting her to her boy toy Casper Smart, because young Casper seems to have different taste in men. That's right, based on the latest scandal, Casper Smart seems to be quite partial to models with lady parts as well as boy parts.

At the moment, there are two trans-gender models that are accusing Casper of sending and receiving rude texts and photos in what can be only described as online flirting while Jennifer is busy promoting her new album.

One of the models involved in the scandal, Sofie Vissa, has told Radar that Casper knew exactly what he was getting himself into because her trans-gender status was clearly written on her Instagram profile.

“I sent him like five or six pictures,” Sofie explains, adding that “there were a couple of semi-explicit [ones] and then the last one I was completely [undressed]. And he ‘liked’ the post.” To make it even more obvious that trans-gender was involved, the model confesses to adding the word in hashtags.

“I’d do hashtags on Instagram… to get a lot of followers I’d put #TS or #transgendered on them. “I remember I put those hashtags on one of my photos and when I went back to look at my phone I’d got a request from Casper,” the model reveals.

But Casper did more than just “like” the photos, pretty soon he began sending messages and the two began chatting. From here, it was only one step until Casper worked up the courage to ask the model for racier shots.

Of course, the model candidly complied, but not before teasing Smart and asking him why he didn't also like the photos on Instagram. To which the love rat replied “Because a lot of people monitor what I like. And I think telling you is better, don’t you?”

Sofie admits that as soon as she sent a photo with her without any clothes on, Casper quickly deleted the pictures and the conversations he had with her and she thinks it was all an attempt to cover up what could possibly become damning evidence.

Except, in the end, it all came out anyway, and now, Casper risks losing his relationship with Jennifer Lopez who is said to be furious not only at the fact that her boyfriend likes looking at trans-gender models in the buff in his spare time, but also at the fact that this scandal could end up hurting her career.

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