Casio China Hacked by Turkish Ajan, Details of 150,000 Users Leaked

The hacker Maxney has defaced the website's index page

The official Chinese website of world-renowned electronics manufacturer Casio ( has been breached by Maxney of the Turkish Ajan group. Besides defacing the site’s index page, the hacker has also published an archive file containing the details of around 150,000 users.

The leaked information, split up into 9 files, consists of server configuration data, usernames, encrypted passwords, email addresses, card IDs, user messages and other customer details.

Judging by the defacement page, it appears that the group is protesting against the genocide in Palestine and the area of Turkestan.

At the time of writing, the website was restored.

This isn’t the first time when the members of the Turkish Ajan collective leak large quantities of information from high-profile websites. Earlier this year, they published 100,000 records from the website of Nokia Taiwan, and 37,000 accounts from Renault Argentina.

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