Cashier Sells Self $1M (€770K) Ticket in Missouri

Maryjane Hart owned the convenience store where she bought the ticket for 25 years

A cashier from Doniphan, Missouri has purchased a winning Powerball ticket, pocketing no less than $1 million (€770,000)

Maryjane Hart has been working at the Hartland Pit Stop as a cashier, over the weekend. She has also been the owner of the convenience store for 25 years, ABC News reported.

When she checked the ticket she had sold to herself, she thought she had won $10,000 (€7,790). She was on a winning roll, having already scratched off a winning ticket for $400 (€311) one week before.

The 57-year-old small town resident was overjoyed when she checked her ticket again, at a different store, and realized that she had become a millionaire.

“We’re just little common people here in a very poor community so this has been a very big deal to everybody here. [...] It’s the buzz of the town,” Hart says.

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