Casey Anthony Walks Out of Jail

Casey Anthony is now a free woman. Accused of murdering and disposing of the body of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, and found not guilty, she got credit for time served and, over the weekend, walked out of jail.

Dubbed by the press “America’s most hated woman,” Anthony was welcomed with booing and “Go to hell!” comments when she walked out of jail by protesters gathered outside, as the video below will confirm.

She was escorted by police into a waiting car, while several other officers were trying to keep the crowd under control, lest they attempted to attack the woman whom they still believed guilty of killer her own child.

As we also noted on a previous occasion, Anthony was found not guilty of murder and aggravated child neglect, but guilty on four counts of lying to a police officer, for which she got 4 years in total.

Receiving credit for time served while waiting for the trial, Anthony became a free woman some hours ago.

“Just after midnight, as hundreds of protesters jeered and called her a baby killer, Casey Anthony became a free woman,” People magazine reports.

“Wearing blue jeans and a bright pink top, Anthony, 25, walked out of the front door of the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Orlando, Fla., at 12:14 a.m. Sunday,” the mag adds.

“She had a look of relief on her face. There was a smile on her face. She looked glad to be out of there,” one of the photographers inside reveals for the same publication.

Amidst speculation (coming from Anthony’s legal team) that she may go into law herself in some capacity she’s yet to decide on, there’s increasing concern over her safety now that she’s out.

She’s already received countless death threats, which, as per some reports, has made her consider getting a complete makeover with plastic surgery, which would make her unrecognizable in the streets.

A police spokesperson has confirmed reports that they would not be offering her any kind of protection against the mob should she decide to move to a different state.

TMZ says she may already be in Columbus, OH, where she can hire off-duty policemen if she wants to be out of harm’s way.

Of course, if there’s a clear threat to her safety, police will investigate and offer her protection just like they would to anyone else.

“The Columbus PD tells TMZ, they have a Special Duty program, which allows people in their fine city to hire off duty cops for protection, and that’s what Casey would have to do if she wants someone to guard her from the angry mob,” the e-zine writes.

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