Casey Anthony Thinking of Getting a Job as a Paralegal

She’s so experienced with the legal system she might turn it to profit, attorney says

Casey Anthony has seen more than a fair share of the inner workings of the US legal system, so she might as well use all that experience to get herself out of the financial gutter her murder trial has thrown her into.

So says her attorney in a statement to ABC News.

Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges in 2011, after standing trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Just recently though, she filed for bankruptcy because she has no steady income and the debts kept piling on.

A solution would be to take on a job as a paralegal, which she’s seriously considering as we speak, her attorney Charles Green tells the aforementioned media outlet.

She’d be good at it as well, he believes.

“I truly believe that she has a lot of skills. She's better than many paralegals I know. She could be a paralegal or something like that right away,” Green explains.

“She is very organized, a very intelligent, very computer savvy person, so I think her skills and her desire may lie somewhere in that field,” he adds.

“I think she may be the type that ends up trying to work within our system to make our system better rather than being a person who's trying to break it down,” Green further says, explaining that Anthony “believes strongly in our justice system” and constitutional rights.

As noted above and as we also reported the other day, right now, Anthony is in massive debt after spending the past year or so in hiding in Florida, and she’s filed for bankruptcy in the hope of catching a reprieve from the 80 creditors she’s indebted to.

She never got a job while on parole, presumably because she was too afraid to go out because people might recognize her.

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