Case Against 5 Japanese Android Malware Developers Dismissed

Prosecutors couldn't find enough evidence against the individuals behind "the Movie" apps

Over the past few months, Japanese authorities have managed to identify a number of individuals suspected of developing and using malware against mobile phone users. However, it appears that the problem is not catching them, but prosecuting them.

Back in October, Japanese police announced that they had arrested a number of 5 individuals responsible for creating and distributing the malicious Android apps dubbed “The Movie.”

At the time, authorities said that the personal details of 10 million users had been compromised after the malware infected 90,000 devices.

Now, the Daily Yomiuri informs that the case has been dismissed by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office because the malicious applications informed the victims that their address books would be downloaded, before the app was installed.

In addition, prosecutors were unable to come up with evidence to show that the suspects were aware of the fact that they were wrongly acquiring the information.

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