Carson Daly’s Show Is Renewed for 13th Season

NBC shoots down reports that Alec Baldwin will be replacing Daly

Alec Baldwin won’t take over from Carson Daly anytime soon on the late-night circuit on NBC. The network has announced that Daly’s show, Last Call with Carson Daly, will be on air for a 13th season.

The Atlantic Wire has confirmation.

It also notes that, at least for a while, NBC is unlikely to make any drastic changes to its lineup.

“NBC's major late night shake ups will happen following the 2014 Winter Olympics when Fallon assumes Leno's spot at The Tonight Show. That leaves Fallon's spot at Late Night open, possibly going to Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers stepping in,” the publication says.

It adds that rumors of being replaced by Baldwin must have struck a chord with Daly, especially since chances are they leaked before executives got to have “the talk” with him.

“News of his renewal comes awfully suspiciously close on the heels of those Baldwin rumors. Makes you think there might be some attempt to quell any sort of Daly uprising,” says the aforementioned media outlet.

Then again, perhaps we’re reading too much into this.

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