Carry Your Money Manager in Your Pocket

Spb Finance offers extra-features for Microsoft Money or Quicken

Businessmen looking for a financial management solution that will enable the possibility to enter their transactions on the go will be happy to find that Spb Software offers a modern money-management application – Spb Finance. The application comes in three available editions, but all in one installer: Spb Finance Standard Edition, Spb Finance Money Edition (compatible with Microsoft Money 2002-2007 and Microsoft Money Plus 2008) and Spb Finance Quick Edition (compatible with Quicken 2003-2006 versions).

The first edition, Spb Finance Standard Edition, does not keep your Pocket PC and desktop PC financial data in sync automatically, while it offers all the primary tasks required for a powerful budget-management solution (create, edit, delete transactions, create and browse detailed reports, funds transfer). For those looking for on-the-go money management, the last two editions are much better and offer synchronization, which is done via the ActiveSync piece of software.

As the installer packs all three editions, the first thing you should do is decide which one serves you better. After installing the application on your Pocket PC, you'll be able to make the necessary settings and define the application's behavior. From the Options tab, you'll be able to enable auto backup, today plug-ins and choose the place where your data will be stored. The next step requires you to create a new account, but you can use the New Account Wizard, which explains in detail what you should do exactly. After you have created the new account, you'll be able to use one of the most important features of the application – Register View. The feature enables users to view the most important information at a glance in the register view. You'll be able to see your account status, transactions history or you can select another account that you want to check.

The New Transaction tab offers more options for you, which will categorize each transaction. You can schedule every transaction you are intending to do on a regular basis, by editing a pattern. In case you need someone to remind you of a future transaction, Spb Finance can do it for you by enabling the option Remind me. You'll also be able to have a wider view on your expenses by using the Budgets View and specifying a certain period. For more easy-to-understand reports on incomes and spending, you can use Reports View.

Spb Finance offers you the possibility to import/export files for use with other famous Desktop PC money managers such as Microsoft Money and Quicken. The application can be bought for 24.95USD, but a full-featured, 15-day trial is also available for download.

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