Carriers Reportedly Not Promoting Samsung’s Windows Phones Enough

They want to limit Samsung’s influence on the market

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung is currently the leading smartphone maker out there, but only courtesy of its Android-based devices, as those running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone reportedly receive less interest from carriers.

In fact, an analyst with HMC Securities suggests that operators do not promote Samsung’s Windows Phones enough, and that this caused lower adoption among end-users.

Apparently, carriers such as Spain's Telefonica and U.S.' Verizon do not promote these devices on purpose, so as to prevent Samsung from gaining too much power through popular devices running under both Android and Windows Phone, a recent article on Korea Times reads.

“Mobile operators don’t feel inclined to promote Samsung’s Windows phones and obviously want a diversification of phone vendors,” HMC Securities analyst Kim Sang-pyo reportedly stated.

“The amount of subsidies offered and product promotions by carriers are lower for Samsung’s Windows lineup compared to Android phones.”

At the moment, Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy devices are seen as some of the most appealing smartphones on the market, yet the company is seeking a bit of independence from Google’s mobile platform.

Windows Phone handsets could prove a great solution for Samsung’s plans, especially since they are backed by Microsoft.

These devices will also go along very well with the Windows 8 platform for desktop, and are also seen as great alternatives for business users.

“Samsung obviously wants to lessen its dependence on Google’s Android and is considering Windows 8 as one way to maintain its growth amid the saturation of the Android platform in the market,” Kim said.

“Windows 8 phones have a great outlook as enterprise phones and can become a good revenue line for Samsung.”

Analysts have already suggested that Windows Phone could become the third smartphone OS in the world in the coming years, trailing only Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. If this happens, carriers will have to change their perspective on devices running under the OS, that’s for sure.

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