Carnie Wilson Confirms New Weight Loss Surgical Intervention

Singer had lap-band surgery in January, has already lost a lot of weight

Famous yo-yo dieter Carnie Wilson has had another weight loss procedure done, in another bid to shift the extra pounds to gain the figure she had before she became a mother of two. The singer confirms the news for People magazine.

Wilson, who has publicly struggled with her weight for the most part of her career, tells the celebrity magazine that, in February, she went under the knife again.

This is the second intervention of the kind, and Carnie hopes it will also be the last, the one that will help her fight the flab once and for all.

It's called lap-band surgery.

“Since having the procedure – during which a silicone band is placed around the stomach to create a pouch the size of a golf ball – Wilson, 43, has lost 30 lbs. [13.6 kg] and counting,” People writes.

Carnie herself says this was the only alternative she was left with to lose weight, after trying everything else – and failing.

"It was the right decision for me and I'm doing really well so far. It's all about taking good care of myself,” she says.

12 years ago, Carnie underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost an impressive 150 pounds (68.03 kg), after years of yo-yo-ing weight.

She regained her confidence, and even agreed to pose for Playboy to show off her new, much svelter figure.

Shortly afterwards, Carnie became pregnant and, as she put it in various older interviews, she never really managed to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight after that.

“Having children derailed me a bit. I'm just frustrated with these pounds,” the singer said two years ago.

News that she went under the knife again to solve her weight problem has sparked quite a debate online, with many saying it won't be the end of her problems, for the very simple reason that she's not addressing the biggest issue.

Carnie once said she was a stress eater, a comfort eater and that she was “addicted” to food.

Then again, there's no reason to assume she didn't get help for this problem before the surgery.

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