Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings “As Long As You Love Me” Better than Justin Bieber

13-year-old X Factor contestant wows judges with new live performance

The youngest contestant on season 2 of X Factor USA is also, according to judges and the millions of people at home, the most likely to win. Carly Rose Sonenclar has managed to wow the world again with her most recent live performance.

Check it out in full above.

This time, Carly and mentor Britney Spears chose a song that would actually force her to show some constraint, as L.A. Reid later pointed out, Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me.”

Not only did Carly slay it, but she managed to perform the song better than Justin Bieber himself. Now that’s an accomplishment.

For the past weeks, Carly has been at the top of the leaderboard. We’ll see if her Bieber cover will get her there again.

Useless to say, enjoy!

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