Carly Rose Sonenclar Covers Adele on X Factor, Totally Kills It – Video

Last week’s number one impresses with another spectacular number

When Simon Cowell said that we could be looking at the winner of season 2 of X Factor USA in Carly Rose Sonenclar, he wasn’t exaggerating. Above is her latest performance on the live shows.

For this week, Carly’s mentor Britney Spears picked a song that would really challenge her and, in the process, set the bar incredibly high both for herself and the other contestants: Adele.

The 13-year-old singing sensation covered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” adding to the popular track a twist all of her own.

As was to be expected, her performance wowed the judges as well, with only LA Reid saying he felt like this was not her best in the show – but even as her second best, it was still better than what other contestants offered as their top performance.

Check it out above.

It’s difficult to cover any of Adele’s songs, let alone do it in a manner that would bear favorable comparisons between the original and the cover. This 13-year-old girl did just that.

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