Car Is Left Hanging Outside San Diego Clinic After Crash – Photo

A man smashed his car into an outpatient clinic for a children's hospital

A man has crashed into a building on Frost Street in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, having his car suspended 10 feet above ground, with him still inside it.

The snapshot posted above captures the unusual moment in which he lies in his car, outside the facility used as an outpatient clinic for a local children's hospital.

According to NBC LA, the vehicle crashed and remained trapped onto a stairwell, after the driver started speeding for unknown reasons.

A parking attendant describes that, as he was trying to get a ticket from a toll booth located a few yards away, he sped up all of a sudden.

"He hit the gas and went all the way down. The people was running, and the road was clear," Mulugeta Lemlem recalls.

Firefighters were able to extract the motorist, pulling him out on a stretcher. Neither he, nor patients in the clinic have been harmed during the incident.

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