Captain Paul Watson Is Once Again Aboard the Steve Irwin

After months on the run, the captain returns, takes command of Operation Zero Tolerance

Following his having to go into hiding after experiencing some brushes with the authorities, Captain Paul Watson is now once again aboard the SSS Steve Irwin, ready to take command of Operation Zero Tolerance and defend the marine mammals living in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Thus, the Captain readies himself to lead the battle against Japanese whalers, and says that, from where he stands, “It's wonderful to once again have the deck of the Steve Irwin under my feet.”

Furthermore, “I could not think of a more wonderful birthday gift than to be at sea at the helm of my ship with my crew once more.”

This campaign against Japanese whalers is Sea Shepherd's ninth, and the environmentalists who have also embarked on this mission are determined to send the Japanese fleet home completely empty handed (hence the name: Operation Zero Tolerance).

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