Captain Kirk Tweets to Astronaut Aboard the ISS and Gets an Awesome Reply

We live in an age when astronauts tweet to spaceship captains

The original Star Trek Enterprise captain, William Shatner who played the iconic James T. Kirk has done plenty to stay in the spotlight. More recently, he's taken to the social web wholeheartedly where he's always got something to say.

In his latest exploit, he's gotten in touch with Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut currently aboard the ISS who also happens to tweet from space.

In fact, that's exactly what Shatner wanted to find out, instead he got a much better response than he could have hoped for. "Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we're detecting signs of life on the surface," Hadfield tweeted in response.

The most interesting part though is the realization that the guy famous for playing one of the most popular spaceship captains in history is now talking to someone who's actually on a spaceship. Not only that, Hadfield is set to become the first Expedition 35 commander in a few months' time.

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