Capcom Admits That Too Many Resident Evil Games Are Being Released

The publisher might give players more time to enjoy each title

A new financial report from publisher Capcom states that Resident Evil 6 has been a disappointment in terms of sales, but the company seems to have no plans to put out less content for the series in the near future.

Masachika Kawata, a producer working on Resident Evil, tells VideoGamer that, “I think certainly looking at the last year or two, there probably were a few too many. I think we learned last year that putting on a lot of titles would not necessarily win over gamers.”

The developer is not sure how to make gamers interested in all the Resident Evil titles that are launched, but putting more time between the releases might help.

Kawata adds, “if the solution to making the games better is to have a more staggered release than we’ve had recently then that’s something we’ll do. But we’ll do it for that reason and not just for flipping what we’ve done already.”

The more obvious solution would be to simply launch a smaller number of Resident Evil video games, but it seems that Capcom wants to continue focusing on the series for its big releases in the coming years.

Apparently, the publisher is still evaluating the future of the franchise and the options under considerations include a complete reboot for the entire franchise.

Kawata has recently revealed that he is sorry about the action focus of the recently launched Resident Evil titles and believes that a bigger dose of horror would make the games more attractive.

Resident Evil 6 has focused on action and has delivered three separate stories, featuring the biggest characters of the series, with another separate story linked to Ada Wong.

It has been the greatest video game investment that Capcom has ever made, but despite the 4.8 million copies sold, it has failed to recuperate costs.

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