Canonical and KDE/Kubuntu Developers Finally Confront Each Other

A very unproductive discussion took place on Google+

It’s not a secret that KDE devs are not fond of Canonical's Mir, but the two sides never really discussed it seriously, until now.

A conflict has been brewing between the KDE and Ubuntu developer about their display server Mir. Canonical has accused KDE’s people that they are unreasonable, and the KDE devs are saying the Canonical is not honest.

This entire discussion is going on for months, but the two sides have found a common ground to share their arguments, on Google +.

“I just invested the time to watch this ‘Kubuntu on XMir’ video. I observed incorrect behavior being shown in the video. I'm pretty sure nobody has noticed so far, you need to know KWin very well to notice it.

“And that's the point why I recommended to Kubuntu developers to not use XMir in their stack,” stated KDE’s Martin Gräßlin on Google+.

His complaint hasn’t gone unnoticed and Canonical’s Thomas Voß was quick to answer.

“Would be great if you could provide us with the bug report of that issue that you are referring to. Or could you provide a little more detail what the glitch is that you are observing? Thanks :),” said Voß.

Unfortunately, Martin Gräßlin refused to provide the time code for the error he witnessed and he admitted that he hadn’t filed a bug report.

“As said I want to see whether someone notices it. In case it's a general bug it might be that others hit it as well and we might get more data,” said Martin Gräßlin.

The discussion was completed by Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon, KDE developer Aaron Seigo, and quite a few others.

If you have a few minutes to spare, the discussion goes on for a while, without reaching any satisfactory conclusion.

It’s not sure what the end result of these disputes will be, but it’s nice to watch history being made in real time.

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