Canonical Updates Ubuntu One Photos

This update comes just in time for the winter holidays!

Canonical announced a few days ago that they have updated the online ‘Photos’ feature of their Ubuntu One cloud storage service.

The update brings a dedicated tab for the Photos function, which is located on the Ubuntu One dashboard, giving users a proper album view that includes all their saved photos via Ubuntu One or Instagram.

With the new dedicated Photos tab, users will be able to enjoy and share all those treasured memories on all their mobile devices, and between their friends and family, of course.

“We’re thrilled that our latest Ubuntu One feature update comes just in time for the holidays, helping you enjoy and share all those precious memories on all your devices and between your family and friends.”

“The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is that your photos now appear in the dedicated photos tab, located in the U1 dashboard,” was stated in the official blog announcement.

Moreover, users will also be able to easily organize their photo albums alphabetically or chronologically, and they will be able to view images individually or use the built-in slideshow functionality.

Downloading pictures, as well as sharing entire photo albums, slideshows or single images with your family and friends is as easy as pie. Of course, Twitter and Facebook sharing is also integrated.

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“To celebrate this update we are asking users to tweet snaps of their holiday decorations using the Ubuntu One share URL and by including the hashtag #UbuntuOne, we’ll then pick our 20 favourites photos and the winners will get 5GB extra free storage in the new year.”

“Should #UbuntuOne trend during that time we’ll increase the winners storage amount to 20GB!” said the Ubuntu One team at the end of the blog post.

We remind everyone that Canonical also provides an Ubuntu One Files app, which is available for free on the Android and iPhone mobile devices, letting users manage and secure their files/photos directly from their mobile devices, from anywhere in the world.

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