Canonical Releases World’s Largest Component Catalog for Linux

Canonical announced a few minutes ago, February 10th, that it just made publicly available its entire database of certified hardware components for Linux and Ubuntu, for the first time. This will rapidly reduce the time-to-market for ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) working on Linux or Ubuntu systems.

Canonical's catalogue includes over 1,300 certified hardware components from 161 manufacturers. This is definitely the biggest and up-to-date list of Linux-compatible hardware components available.

"The catalogue gives ODMs a selection of over 1300 certified components from 161 manufacturers, making it the largest list of Linux-compatible components available. It takes advantage of Canonical’s position at the heart of the server and PC industry, which enables the company to get components first as it deals globally with a huge range of manufacturers."

"There has not been a comprehensive, up-to-date freely available catalog like this for a long time. [...] By making this open and easily searchable we want to speed the component selection for Ubuntu machines, and allow us and our partner manufacturers to focus on the value-added user experience." - said Victor Palau, Platform Services Manager at Canonical, in the press release.

With Canonical's database of certified components, corporate buyers will be able to specify the design of their Ubuntu workstations and servers from manufacturers much more efficiently.

With Canonical's database of certified components, individuals will be sure that the hardware components they are considering to buy will work with their favorite Ubuntu or Linux operating system.

With Canonical's database of certified components, the server and PC industry will have a simple and single source to promote the work that they do in certifying Linux hardware components and also making that knowledge freely available worldwide.

Canonical's database is available at

Certified complete machines from the Ubuntu project can be found at

About Canonical Ltd.

Canonical Ltd, a global organization headquartered in Europe, is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Globally recognized as a leading service provider, Canonical is committed to the development, distribution and support of open-source software products and communities.

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