Canonical Is Feeding on the Decaying Corpse of Windows XP

The Ubuntu developers are promoting a very special ebook

Canonical is stopping at nothing when it comes to promoting their latest operating system, Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal), and the Windows platforms from Microsoft seem to be the perfect target.

When Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) launched, Canonical used Windows 8 as a target practice and actually asked the users to avoid the pain of owning a Windows 8 operating system.

As we all know, the support for Windows XP is scheduled to end in 2014, so Canonical seized to opportunity to take another jab at the Redmond giant. In this respect, they have published an ebook which details the costs of migrating to Windows 7, for people and organizations alike.

“We thought you might also like to read our eBook about the choices faced by organizations as support for Windows XP nears its end.

Support for XP will end in 2014, but with the cost of migrating to Windows 7 reaching eye watering levels, it’s no surprise that many enterprises are sticking with XP and Vista for as long as possible,” stated the official announcement.

Canonical explains that the obvious low-cost alternative for people who want a viable alternative to Windows XP and even newer operating systems, is of course the Ubuntu Desktop.

The ebook will feature the following information:

• How much the migration to Windows 7 is likely to cost your organization?

• Why Ubuntu is a better choice for the enterprise desktop.

• What kind of users are best suited to Ubuntu Desktop.

• Case studies of organizations that have already switched to Ubuntu on the desktop.

• Hit the link to see why your organization no longer has to be a slave to a proprietary OS.

Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the latest operating system launched by Canonical and it’s also the most advanced version they’ve ever produced. We reviewed it and we found that even if it still has some quirks, it’s a great solution for users and organizations.

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