Canonical Drops the Price of Ubuntu Edge for a Limited Time, Get It Now

New perks have been added with lower prices for Ubuntu Edge

Canonical has paid attention to its community and has decided to drop the price for Ubuntu Edge and give potential buyers another chance at getting this superphone at a discount.

The Ubuntu Edge funding campaign has settled a little and Canonical had to do something in order to get the people interested again.

“This crowdfunding process has already provided us with a lot of great feedback, especially about our perks -- and we’ve been listening to it all. You told us you want more opportunities to get the Ubuntu Edge at a lower contribution level, so we went back to our spreadsheets and came up with a solution,” reads the announcement.

The only way to get people to notice you is to drop the price and to add new perks. Keep in mind that all the new perks are available in a limited number, so the sooner you get the phone, the cheaper it's going to be.

Right now, the lowest perk is at $625 (€471), the next one is $675 (€510), and the third one is at $725 (€547). Buyers will have to add an extra $30 (€23) if they live outside the UK.

If you have already purchased the $830 (€627) version, Canonical has some good news for you.

“Hundreds of you have already contributed $830 for an Ubuntu Edge, but don’t worry. We’ll refund the difference at the end of the campaign so you won’t lose out. We’ll contact you all directly with more information,” states the second update on the IndieGoGo website.

These new options will not be the only perks updates. As soon as the previous perks are sold out (only 1,250 devices for each tier), new, slightly more expensive ones will take their place.

Ubuntu Edge is a next-generation phone that will be developed by Canonical, if they manage to get enough money in order to build it.

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