Canonical Closes Ubuntu One Notes Service, Deletes People’s Notes

The service will go down for good by the end of February 2013

By Marius Nestor on February 8th, 2013 03:51 GMT

Canonical announced a few days ago on the Ubuntu One blog that, because of some major investments in their new data sync infrastructure for the Ubuntu One cloud service, they would have to close the Tomboy Notes sync service.

The Notes service was removed from the Ubuntu One web user interface last year, and now, Canonical will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to Ubuntu One, by the end of February 2013.

“Throughout last year, as we invested heavily in our new data sync infrastructure, we gradually had to turn off services that were reliant on the old infrastructure and providing little value to our users. Our Notes service was one of these, so last year we removed Notes from the Ubuntu One web UI.”

Yes, this means that you won’t be able to transfer your Tomboy notes to the Ubuntu One cloud service anymore, and the company urges users to stop relying on the Notes service to sync or restore their Tomboy notes on new installations.

“We realize syncing notes to Ubuntu One was a nice feature for a small set of people, even so, we are contacting the Tomboy developers to help them support our new APIs which utilizes our new U1DB data sync service.”

“By the end of February 2013 we will cease syncing Tomboy Notes to U1, meaning U1 won’t transfer your notes between computers. Those of you still using U1 to sync your notes will need to stop relying on the service to sync or restore notes after new installations,” was stated in the official blog announcement.

But wait, that’s not all! One day after the above announcement, do to some “unforeseen aftereffects” the Ubuntu One developers crashed the server and all the notes were deleted! And now, they offer two methods of restoring your Tomboy notes, manually, on their blog.
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