Canonical Answers Ubuntu Edge Warranty, VAT, and LTE Questions

The IndieGoGo project website has been updated with some important information

The first week of the Ubuntu Edge campaign has passed and it is not doing too shabby, but a lot of the fans and potential buyers have been confronted with the lack of information on certain subjects.

Canonical has updated its IndieGoGo project website in order to provide as much information as possible, as a response to all the inquiries in the comments section and from the community.

Probably the biggest concern for the buyers was the VAT issue. The money would go to Canonical, which is based in Great Britain. As we all know, Great Britain is part of the European Union and this actually simplifies the VAT question.

According to Canonical, the perks include all charges for US and UK, including VAT and delivery. This means that you won't have to worry about VAT, whether you're from US, EU, or any other part of the world for that matter.

Another important question raised by the community was the LTE availability at both major carriers in the US, Verizon and Sprint. The company has confirmed that Ubuntu Edge will work with all the LTE and GSM networks in the aforementioned country.

A third and pressing matter, which Canonical has been reluctant to discuss, was about the warranty of the product. The problem is that Ubuntu Edge doesn't exist yet and a manufacturer hasn't been chosen. Canonical now says that the warranty of Ubuntu Edge will be provided by the chosen manufacturer.

Other important features that you might have missed are the dual-boot capabilities of the phone. Most likely, users will be able to choose, in a GRUB-like fashion, which operating system to boot, Ubuntu Touch or Android (presumably stock).

The last and the most important piece of information is about the availability of the phone. Ubuntu Edge will only be available for the people who pledge to this campaign. You will not be able to buy it after the campaign is over.

Ubuntu Edge is a phone developed by Canonical and it's scheduled for launch in May 2014. More details about the price and the specifications can be found in our initial report.

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