Cancer Cells Can Be Killed by Blood-Dwelling Jellyfish

It isn't found in nature, but humans created it anyway

Microbiology is really turning into the answer to pretty much every health problem. Even promising cancer cures are being based on it.

What can be seen in that photo above isn't a cure per se, though. Instead, it is more of an agent that can eliminate cancer cells.

Basically, it is a microfluidic chip coated with long strands of DNA which, like a jellyfish scoops grub in the ocean, uses the strands to dangle into the bloodstream and pluck cancerous proteins out.

Designers from Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital are behind the creation of this chip. They believe that the “jellyfish” can both diagnose and treat the disease. Human testing is the only step left before establishing whether or not the method is worthwhile.

It might be too much to hope for, but it really was about time someone found out how cancer can finally be cured completely.

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