Canadian Scientists Discover Orbitless Planet

Lonely planets might be more than a scientific myth, astronomers reveal

Researchers at the University of Montreal have discovered a giant corpus wandering by itself among the stars of the AB Doradus Moving Group, Weekly Voice reports.

According to the commonly accepted definitions, all planets must revolve around stars. Nevertheless, the idea that certain planets might have detached themselves from their stars has captured scientists' attention.

Using the Very Large Telescope, the astronomers of the University of Montreal spotted a corpus four to seven times bigger than Jupiter, in space by itself. The object was too small to be a star. Analyzing its age and temperature, researchers found it to be a potential planet, albeit an unusual one.

Ten such planets have been discovered until now. These uncanny bodies have a construction similar to that of the largest planets of our solar system.

If speculations turn out to have scientific validity, this may mean the end of many theories that claim it’s possible for planets to be dropped out their orbit during formation.

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