Canadian Man Loses C$500K / €359K in Online Dating Scam

One man has been arrested in the UK in connection to the crime

A man from Canada has been tricked by scammers into sending them C$500,000 (€359,000). Some individuals suspected of being part of the scam have been identified, but it’s uncertain if the victim will ever get his money back.

According to CBC News, it all started after the man, Tony, registered an account on an online dating site. There, he met a man from England who tricked him into falling in love.

After a period of six weeks, the scammer told Tony he was going to Asia on some business. He then made up a story about corrupt Malaysian officials who froze his assets and demanded bribes. He asked the Canadian for several loans totaling up to half a million dollars.

Tony lost even his retirement savings before realizing that he was the victim of a scam.

He hired a firm of private investigators who tracked down the scammer to a company near London. They’re believed to be involved in a sophisticated scheme that extends to Africa and Asia.

Canadian and British authorities collaborated on the case and arrested one individual earlier this month.

Internet dating scams have made numerous victims over the past period. That’s why it’s important for users who try to find love online to be extra cautious since, in most cases, the money sent to the scammers is difficult to recover.

In addition to monetary losses, victims of online dating scams can also suffer emotional and psychological trauma.

Hoax Slayer has presented the stories of several victims of online dating scams, some of which have lost considerable amounts of money. You can check out some of the stories as they provide important tips on how you can identify such schemes.

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