Canada’s Forests House Amazing Treehouse Resort

The villas look more like seed capsules, pretty much “hug” the trees

Those wishing to enjoy an environmentally-friendly vacation can now choose to visit E'terra Samara, a stunning treehouse resort carefully tucked away in Canada's Bruce Peninsula forest.

The people behind this innovative project claim that the twelve villas which are part and parcel of this recreational destination have been designed in such ways that they resemble seed capsules, meaning that they are very “curvacios” and pretty much “hug” the trees which support them.

Interestingly enough, all of these tree houses are made of locally-sourced, FSC-certified wood, and their design allows tourists to make the most of whatever natural light hits this forest while at the same time enjoying some much needed privacy.

Apparently, the food served by this five-star resort is all local, seasonal and organic, a feature which those who take green living very seriously are bound to appreciate.

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