Canada House of Commons Contractor Accused of Hacking Quebec Government Site

28-year-old man is suspected of planting a piece of malware on the website

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) claims that a 28-year-old man working on contract for the House of Commons and the RCMP is responsible for disrupting the official website of the Quebec government.

Authorities believe that the suspect – Janvier Doyon-Tremblay – gained administrative privileges and used them to plant a piece of malware on the server on which the site was hosted. The incident occurred back in April and it caused the site to go offline for two days.

The alleged hacker was arrested last Friday and charged with two counts of unauthorized use of computers and one count of mischief, the National Post informs.

It’s uncertain if Doyon-Tremblay has any connection to a hacker group but, coincidentally or not, the Quebec website was taken down at the same time that hacktivists attacked other government sites.

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